19 July 2007

DeepDiscount.com is in Deep Doo-Doo Over Harry Potter

On Tuesday, scans of the last chapter of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows started popping up online. Apparently, one could also download a torrent that contained .jpg photographs of the entire book. This led to the sprouting up of spoilers everywhere including detailed answers to looming questions about deaths and horcruxes. To ruin the book, click here. I did. Oops. I just couldn't resist. Besides, I'm still gonna read the book.

Anyhow, according to the New York Times, these leaks were the result of the online seller DeepDiscount.com sending out early copies of the book. Now Scholastic is calling DeepDiscount buyers and asking them to hide their copies until midnight Friday (riiiiight).

I am a big fan of DeepDiscount.com who consistently have low prices and always have free shipping. I save up for their twice yearly 20% off everything sale (Next occurring around Thanksgiving). I hope this debacle does not hurt their company since I am a fan of low, low prices. I just wish I had ordered HP7 from them. I could be reading it right now!

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