11 July 2007

Harry Potter 5 Is Upon Us

Order of the Phoenix is here. Evne though OotP is my 2nd least favorite book (ahead of CoS), I still enjoyed the book and the movie looks to have captured quite a dark feel. How will the film measure up to the series. Are general audiences getting burnt out on Potter? How well will Harry do against box office juggernaut The Transformers?

This is the place to post all your thoughts on HP5. I plan on seeing it tomorrow, and hopefully in 3D but we will see.


j said...

Just got home from seeing it, and I have to be honest--I think this might be my least favorite of all the Potter films. They always feel rushed, and understandably so, trying to turn a 800+ page book into a film. But this one felt especially so, and absolutely no time is given to develop relationships between the characters. Its like you're flipping through the book and every 70 pages or so, stopping to see a scene.

Also, I really don't care for the current Dumbledore. In fact, when movie #6 rolls around, I don't foresee myself being moved at all by...well by how that one ends. Assuming it actually ends that way in the movie.

Additionally, is part of Hogwarts magic the fact that every year the school looks entirely different? Or at least it seems that way to me.

Finally, don't worry. Your boy Grawp gets a bigger role than he even had in the book.

Chip Chief said...


finky the kid said...

EFF Grawp!

Chip Chief said...

Grawp looks like a cross between Hagrid and the Sorcerer's Stone Troll.

kaka said...

Is it worth seeing in the theater?

Chip Chief said...

i would say its worth it for potter fans. here is my mini review