31 July 2007

Ink Blots LXXIII - Origin: Spirits of the Past

I don't know if my next set of reviews will line up on the month mark, but my next series of ink blots will involve films set in post-apocalyptic worlds.

Origin: Spirits of the Past was released in the US in 2006, and was heavily influenced by the Miyazaki film Nausicaa (review coming soon) of the Valley of the Wind. The movie begins with Agito a young boy living 300 years in the future. A bunch of genetically engineered plants developed on the moon not only shattered old Luna, but also took over most of earth annihilating most of civilization. Agito lives in Neutral City, a city on the edge of the living forests where the people live peacefully with their natural surroundings. Agito finds a cryogenically frozen girl named Toola who he awakens. She holds the key to destroying the forests once and for all, but Agito wants desperately to stop her and turns himself over to the mercy of the trees.

If you watch much anime, there arent a lot of surprises here, but still there are some stand out scenes. The computer generated forests look amazing, and the opening sequence of them growing out of control is well done. Also, there are some great scenes involving a forestified Agito fighting some heavy machinery that are quite cool. Still, the film imitates but fails to duplicate the deep character development and story richness produced in Miyazaki's films. So, for a gorgeous film with some nice music that isn't quite up there with the greats, check out Origins. B

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