27 July 2007

Introducing The Dark Knight Teaser

Not a lot to get too excited about yet. Just go to this link and click the shiny dot.


Anonymous said...

Dude thats not all, click on the picture on the left and read it (btw, the "Joker" in the picture, is the winner of the competition) Sickest ARG yet

Ricikal said...

did anyone call the "800-395-9646" number? Now that's what I call interactive viral marketing!!! That call was creepy cool, and after the operator said "goodbye" that sent chills to my spine.

Anonymous said...

well i hope you can get it on the tube because Why so serious is dead. and RENT A CLOWN IS HERE! (Its basically featuring the people who were on ground at san diego to play the game) The whole WHy so Serious was a Co-op Scavenger Hunt between them and anyone with Internet Access

toast said...

Hey Chip! Have you seen these?


Chip Chief said...

Nice finds toast. I wonder how ling until we get the new batwing.