04 July 2007

Its a Sign of the Apocalypse

I can't wait for the live action Clifford the Big Red Dog.


Anonymous said...

You Damn Right Its A sign
First of all, Why the hell would you make this film, They already have one! and based on the poster, theyre going to be the size of actual chipmunks, i could have sworn they were the size of kids.
Second, Why the hell are they all, Especially Simon And Theodore, Dressed Like B-boys? i could have sworn they complete opposites
Third, Why did Jason Lee of all people, take the role of David? Hes doing well with Earl, why does he want to screw that up

If theres one good coming from this, its that it comes out christmas, and of course that means we're going to hear (in the film and hopefully the trailer)the infamous christmas Song.

Anonymous said...

I hope this movie is an enormous flop. I'm sick of Hollywood doing this with so many properties that need to stay at rest.

With that said, enjoy this cartoon, Chip Chief:


Chip Chief said...

Now Ruxpin has potential!

phantom said...

Simon looks like he's about to *bust a cap*.

j said...

Yeah, I thought Simon was the nerd.