12 July 2007

No Need to Lament Order of the Phoenix

Just got back from seeing HP5 in IMAX 3D. The 3D was quite impressive, especially for the film's climax, though I don't think I would like to watch a whole movie with those glasses on. I was not looking forward to this one as much as I have to past Potter films since the book wasn't one of my very favorites. Of all the books, Order of the Phoenix is the only one I have only read once, and that was 4 years ago. Maybe that played to my advantage, because the movie seemed to hit on most of the highlights I remember. I enjoyed the movie better than the book, and am surprised at how much steam the Potter franchise still has. I don't really want to write a full scale review so I will just point out my pros and cons, but overall, I really enjoyed this Potter. As of today, I would rank the films in this order 3, 5, 4, 2, 1.


Umbridge. I hated her just as much as I did when reading the book. And I really hated her stupid cat plates.

Luny Lovegood. I nice new character with some depth.

DA meetings. These really played well.

Score. The music has a bit of a folkish flair that spiced things up.

Final battle. Much better on screen than in the book. Quite intense.

Voldemort. Still one scary dude. I won't be letting my kids watch this movie for many years.

Sirius, Mad-eye, Lupin. It was nice to see these old faces, though they didn't get a lot of screen time.

Weasley Twins. Their departure was fantastic


Grawp. Really lame and pointless. And way too big to believe a human and giant could have a baby (Hagrid). Also, bad effects.

Department of Mysteries. Where were all the mysteries? No big brains :(

The prophecy. Just like in the book, all this build up for a big "no duh."

Centaurs. Just like in Sorcerers Stone, so-so CG and kinda pointless.

Neither Good Nor Bad:

Not even a mention of Quiddich. No Weasley is our King.

Dementors had a new look, and they attack by choking with hands!?

Tonks and Kreatcher. Yeah, they were in the movie, but hardly.

Well thats it. I will add more if I think of them.


finky the kid said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Chief. Hate Grawp in the books. Don't see why he's needed in the film, but...

Glad to hear you liked it overall. Going to the IMAX 3D next weekend and glad to hear the fight's worth it.
Something I haven't read yet- how did the Thestrals look? (The winged creatures they ride to the Ministry on from Hogwarts.)

Chip Chief said...

sorry to disappoint you, but they cut the thestral ride. the thestrals are in a couple of scenes, they basically look like skeleton horses with wings. at least the effects on them are good, but all they do is eat luna's food.

Chip Chief said...

You know what, i just realized that scene was in the movie. it was right when the 3D part started. it was ok, but obviously not too long if i didnt remember it. there is a cool flying scene through london at the beginning that i thought was better though.

j said...

Well I'm glad someone was able to enjoy it.

Lee said...

I thought it was as good as any of the movies to date, and I really didn't enjoy the book either.
The final scenes in the ministry are probably the best scenes we've seen in a Potter movie.
But Grawp certainly could have been cut out as easily as the prefect subplot.