05 July 2007

Possible Soundwave Design For Transformers 2

I found these images over at The Movie Blog Community. Not sure how "real" this design is, but I hope if Soundwave is a car, that he will still have "tapes" of some sort. I want me some Laserbeak.


finky the kid said...

I've seen this before. I think it was an early conceptual mock-up for the movie, which was ditched early on. If there is a sequel (perish the thought), it could do alot worse than incorporating this character and design.

He, Bay, notice how you can easily distinguish its head from its ass? And the way you can make out the facial geography without squinting?

Chip Chief said...

Oh, at this point there will most certainly be a sequel.

phantom said...

I never had a problem with the robots. Then again, i 'know' my transformers. Blackout was originally going to be Soundwave, but luckily they decided to save him for later.

Hopefully Shockwave will be in the next film too!

Ricikalz said...

Yeah, this guy has a DeviantArt page... I'm not too fond of his graphical designs however. The head's pretty cool, and they'd better have Soundwave, the Dinobots, and the Constructicons in Transformers 2.