05 July 2007

Radar Blips - Ghost Rider

The Year: 2007

The Players: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, and Directed by the guy who made Daredevil

The Take: $116 Million

What happens when you look into his eyes?: Among Ghost Rider's powers is one called the penance stare. If you look into his eyes you will suffer for all the pain you have inflicted on others.

Why you should see it: The movie has a flaming motorcycle driving up the side of a skyscraper. That alone is worth the price of admission. But this dude with a flaming skull can also throw hellfire, has a hellfire shotgun and a big chain and fights demons. Really, there is some good action a couple of funny jokes, and an overall decent comic book adaptation. If you read the comic, you will enjoy the movie.


phantom said...

It was watchable. The main villain was a wet blanket though. It needed more Peter Fonda.

I just got the 3-disc set from Circuit City.

Chip Chief said...

oh yeah? whats on the third disc?

phantom said...

Circuit City Bonus Disc:
*Art in Miniture: Sideshow Ghost Rider Collectables
*Comic-Con 2005 footage
*Comic-Con 2006 footage

I think it's about 30 - 40 minutes worth.

Shiro said...

Finally! Somebody else who disagrees with all the reviews that say this movie is crap!

I saw so many bad reviews, that I waited until a few weeks after the release of the DVD, and I regret it. I should have seen this in the theater. I thought it was pretty good. (Not great, mind you, but a lot of fun and worth the price of a theater ticket). I will be buying the 2-disc extended cut shortly...

Anonymous said...

omg,this is an amazing film!! You ca't miss it. If you want exitment and then you have to most definatly watch this film!! The only bad thing was that it could do with another one of these films coming out! mabey, Ghost rider2 crash and burn!

Anonymous said...

Ghost Rider is legendary!!! Watch the deathly hallows, thats wkd enall lol

Anonymous said...

the movie is awesome