19 July 2007

Radar Blips - Legend

The Year: 1985

The Players: A wee Tom Cruise, and directed by Ridley Scott

The Take: $15 Million

Is this really a legend?: I suppose it could be, but its not based on any legend I know. I guess maybe someday this tale will be adopted as a classic legend, but thats unlikely.

Why you should see it: The villain of the movie, known as Darkness, is one freaky deaky dude. He is a big red guy with hooves and giant horns, and is scary as all get out. The plot is pretty straightforward in that the hero must rescue the girl from the bad guy that wants nothing more than to join her in holy matrimony. Tom cruise is aided by a little elf kid that talks like he is possessed by a demon. The music by Tangerine Dream captures an 80's electronica vibe. So, basically this is a very odd film, but is full of distinct style.


Ricikal said...

I read somewhere that this movie inspired The Legend of Zelda games. Some say it's a copy, but name one movie that hasn't been borrowed and taken ideas from one another? I cant believe Ive never heard of this movie... maybe it's because it so uknown. it really looks good, especially Ridley Scott he's one of my top fav Directors. Ill have to try to rent this sometime.

Chip Chief said...

I guess I see some similarieties with the movie and Zelda, but I think the game is cooler.

Draguld said...

A young Mia Sara(i think that's her name) too, this movie is pretty good.

Dragulf said...

Dragulf, typo heaven today.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fabulous movie, especially the UK version with the Jerry Goldsmith music, didn't mind the score Tangerine Dream did but it wasn't a parch on Goldsmith's and even they new that !!