01 July 2007

Read Megatrons Lips

Only 2 more days!!!


Anonymous said...

Actually, from the time you posted this, its more Like less than 36 Hours, Shows Start Monday at 8pm

Fabrizio said...

In Italy the movie came out on friday. I saw it yesterday and..


It's awesome. Absolutely. In my top list. next to 300 and Batman Begins.

The best thing is that even if they're different, they payed a lot of attention to the details of the ol' toon. So I bet that worldwide the fan won't be deluded. And as they move, act, joke, they really look like the same characters of the series.


the movie is not only a big video with digital robots fighting. The strytelling is ggod and even if it lasts 2 hours and a half, you go out and you'd want for more...


Thanks for sharing all that concept art stuff!

Greetings from Italy


Anonymous said...

Megatron sounds way better than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Megatron has a butter face Voice sounds decent though.