28 July 2007

Simpsons Rollin in D'oh

Aye Caramba! Homer and co managed nearly $30 million bucks yesterday alone. This weekend, the Springfieldiens could muster $70+ million bones... a huge accomplishment. Its sure to become the biggest TV animation adaptation easily topping the Rugrats $100 million total back in 1998.

Can't be long until we get lots of copycats like American Dad the movie. Joy.


phantom said...

That's good news. Hopefully this will get the Futurama movie going! ;)

I'd be interested in seeing what footage was cut for pacing. Apparently, there were enough edits to make up another movie. (Wasn't Erin Brockovich supposed to be in this?)

Chip Chief said...

I hadn't heard about brokovitch. interesting. i read in entertainment weekly that most of the cuts were of the supporting cast, and then they added more of the simpsons themselves. i bet there are some funny outtakes.

j said...

I just saw it last night, and I thought it was pretty good, but I would have enjoyed more songs and more references to past characters/episodes. I think that would have been fun for us long-time fans. (Are there any other kinds of Simpsons fans?)

Chip Chief said...

yeah, i saw it today and enjoyed most of the pig scenes and the first half overall, but thought the Alaska stuff was a bit of a waste.

what i would like is comic book guy: the movie.