07 August 2007

Ink Blots LXXIV - The Simpsons Movie

I know that I promised a string of post-apocalyptic themed movies, but then I went and saw The Simpsons Movie and decided to interject a quick, but timely themeless review this week.

After 18 years and 400 episodes, the little yellow gang made the jump to the big screen. The Simpsons movie definitely delivered some great laughs. Homer and a pig is always a recipe for laughs, but in this case, it was also a recipe for an environmental disaster leading to the doming of Springfield. D'oh! But, with a running time of 4x that of a normal episode, would the theatrical debut of the Simpsons be 4x as funny? Sadly no.

This movie is basically just a mish-mash of a bunch of Simpsons episodes with every character getting a scene or two. The Simpsons go on a Vacation (to Alaska), Burns releases the hounds, Comic Book Guy cites Green Lantern, Nelson says "Ha-Ha." The plot is basically pretty nonsensical, and most disappointingly, it probably could have all been done in a single episode or two.

I'm really torn on this movie because there were some great laughs. In one Austin Power'sesque scene, Bart skateboards in the nude with a shockingly funny conclusion. Also, as I mentioned above, the pig aka Spider-Pig made for some great scenes. Actually, the first 30 minutes of the film was great... until the story kicked in. The doming just didn't seem like a good enough story to warrant a feature film. What cements my opinion is that the only 2-parter Who Shot Mr. Burns is a far more epic and great story. Then again. it really was nice to see a beautifully animated non-CG movie on the big screen, and the Simpsons have never looked better (unless you are a fan of Dadaism and the first season look). Taking all that into account, and as I have been with the Simpsons for all these 18 years, I shall award this gang a B+.

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