03 August 2007

Jason Bourne Has Come Home

Picking up right where Supremacy left off, Bourne Ultimatum is here. Post your reviews and box office predicts here.

I haven't seen the show yet, but I expect a $60 million plus opening and a just shy of $200 million finish. More importantly, I expect this film to be awesome. Identity and Supremacy were both great, and Ultimatum looks to be just as good.


Johnny Kool said...

Hey CC, any thoughts on the new Batman "in between" anime? Is it doomed to fail or will it nicely bridge the two films?

Chip Chief said...

I actually posted a couple of small images from the video the other day, but i just got some new info from AICN so I will update it.

j said...

I'm far from a mega-fan of the Bourne franchise, but I found this movie to be quite entertaining. The only drawback was that the shaky-cam was pretty rough at times. Anyone who thought it was hard to follow the fights in Transformers will have a hard time following parts of this one.