06 August 2007

New Poll

Iron Man took the crown as the most anticipated Superhero movie of 2008. In a late rally, Wolverine took 2nd place ahead of Batman. Puny Hulk finished last behind Hellboy 2.

This week, vote for your favorite current spy.


Dragulf said...

Out of the following, which summer 2008 movie are you anticipating the most?
The Dark Knight 68.4%
Iron Man 22.3%
The Incredible Hulk 6.8%
Hellboy 2 1.9%
Speed Racer 0.6%

Total votes: 14519

Chip Chief said...

Yeah, your results sound more believable. I realize my poll is far from scientific. Where did you get your figures from?

Dragulf said...

There is a poll on the front page of SuperHero Hype.

Chip Chief said...


phantom said...

No love for the Hulk..?

finky the kid said...

I thought for sure Dark Knight would take this one.
Chief, I had no idea "Serve..." was such a bastion for Iron Man afficinados!

Chip Chief said...

As it turns out, Transformers fans tend to flock to this blog, and maybe they have leanings toward Iron Man, since he kinda looks like a robot. Thats my only explanation for the defeat of the dark knight.