27 August 2007

News Flash: People Didn't Like George Clooney

As it turns out, GC was pretty despised as Batman, could have something to do with which Batman he was in, or the nipples. Michael Keaton got the fewest votes, but Bale was low too.

As for the new poll, I thought I would ride the wave of Justice League news this week.


finky the kid said...

I think it is the Clooney factor combined with his sequel being the most universally despised of the five Batman films in the last 20 years that makes him such a winner (loser?) in your poll. As hammy as George was doing "Bruce" and "Batman", at least it went hand-in-hand with the tone of the movie (as crappy as it was). And from that perspective, Kilmer's Bruce Wayne was probably the least interesting to me.

Chip Chief said...

i agree that kilmer was a weird choice. he was great as the saint, but his lips looked odd under the bat cowl.

finky the kid said...

"but his lips looked odd under the bat cowl."