10 August 2007

Radar Blips - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

The Year: 1987

The Players: All the originals returned. Christopher Reeve as Supes, Gene Hackman back as Lexie Luthor, and Margot Kidder as Lois. Also, Mark Pillow as the Nuclear Man.

The Take: $16 Million

Any new powers?: Funny you should ask. Superman has super bricklaying vision that he uses to repair the Great Wall of China. Also, his amnesia inducing kiss returns so that he can mind wipe Lois at will. Actually, one of the human women in the movie seems to have a power too. She can breathe and even scream in outer space.

Why you should see it: Some parts of this movie aren't so bad, but frankly this is almost Batman and Robin bad, the silver nailed, grunting nuclear man is awful, but not as bad as the deleted scene nuclear man prototype. Also, the budget is noticeably shoe stringed. The main cast is good, but additions like Lex's nephew are not welcome. Still, Christopher Reeve IS Superman, and this was his last turn in the tights. Also, the idea of Superman ridding the world of nukes is an interesting one, it just wasn't done too well. There is a nice Smallville scene at the beginning, and as goofy as Reeve play Clark Kent, his portrayal always makes me smile.

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