22 September 2007

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Crazy Quilt

I admit, this guy was pretty much included on the countdown due to his outrageous lameness. Crazy Quilt has never been seen outside the pages of the comics.

Crazy-Quilt was a noted painter who led a double-life as a master criminal. He gave the plans for his crimes to various henchmen through clues left in his paintings. His criminal empire crashed to a halt when one of his henchmen double-crossed him and set him up to be arrested. Blinded by a gunshot wound, he was sent to prison, until he volunteered for an experimental procedure that would restore his vision with a special helmet fused to his optic nerves.

The procedure worked to a point, but had a tragic side effect; He could see, but the colors were blindingly vivid and disorienting. It drove him mad, and upon release he took on the guise of Crazy-Quilt. He was stopped first by the Boy Commandos, but has since had encounters with Batman, Batgirl and two Robins, Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

Crazy-Quilt's sight was restored briefly for a time after he kidnapped a surgeon to assist him, Batman and Grayson's Robin intervened, and in self defence, Robin reflected the madman's light beams back into his newly restored eyes, inadvertently blinding Quilter permanently. Obsessing over his young adversary, he became one of the few batvillains to hate Robin more than his mentor. This extended to Graysons' successors in the role. Later thinking to enact his revenge upon Grayson, he mistakenly took out his aggression on Jason Todd who was new to the role at the time, nearly beating him to death. Again, it was Robin who was pivotal to stopping Crazy Quilt's plans.

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The Dark Knight returns in 300 days!

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