22 September 2007

Reign of the Supermen

This has been quite a week for the Man of Steel. Tuesday marked the arrival of his direct to DVD movie Superman Doomsday. I know I have been seriously lacking on my Ink Blots feature due to a renewed commitment to my PhD dissertation (which surprisingly has nothing to do with Superman) but look for a Superman Doomsday review in the near future.

Today, Superman guest starred onThe Batman's season 5 premier. In addition, 2 Superman's were seen on the season 2 premier of Legion of Superheroes. By the way, there were actually multiple Superman in Doomsday as well.

As if that was not enough, look for the return of Supes Jr this Thursday on Smallville as he faces of against Bizarro Superman and meets Supergirl.

Its a good time to be a Superman fan... if only some of our other heroes could get some love.


geekoid said...

whoa... phd dissertation! what field of study are you in, chief?

Chip Chief said...

my degree is in a field that sounds made up, but I swear its not, Medical Informatics.

Anonymous said...

cool stuff. good luck with the studying! :D

geekoid said...

oops, forgot to leave my name. pardon the double posting.