27 October 2007

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Floronic Man

Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man was originally created as an enemy to the Atom, he also appeared in Swamp Thing. The Floronic Man made his theatrical debut in Batman and Robin played by Lionel Luthor AKA John Glover, though in a non-mutated state.

A bio-chemical mishap turned Jason Woodrue into a plant-human creature, similar to the Swamp Thing, but with a more vengeful nature and an obsession with protecting the plant world from what he perceives as an assault by humanity. He nearly achieved this goal once by using his newly gained control over plants to make them produce excess oxygen, to the point that the slightest spark would cause devastating fires around the world. Woodrue was foiled when the Swamp Thing pointed out that this attempt was in fact devastating the plants since killing all the oxygen breathers would mean cutting off the production of carbon dioxide that plants need to live; the plant world rejected Woodrue as a result and he went insane. He was then apprehended by the Justice League.

The Floronic Man was responsible for mutating Poison Ivy, was instrumental in discovering the true nature of the Swamp Thing, and has fought the JLA on several occasions. As the marijuana product in Gotham City grew, it was discovered that the Floronic Man was behind it all, believing that marijuana could save the world.

After breaking Poison Ivy out of Arkham with his two henchwomen Holly and Eva, Floronic Man proceded to explain his past to Batman and Poison Ivy, telling the story of how he prevented a plot of Swamp Thing's, only to get decapitated. After scientists managed to keep his head alive, the first thing he came in contact with was marijuana. Regenerating a plant body, he began his quest to flood the streets of Gotham City with his advanced and cheap pot. Making a plan, Floronic Man took some of Poison Ivy's DNA in order to experiment and mix with his own in an attempt to create a "child". Poison Ivy, in exchange, got a trunk full of dope money, and was free to walk away. However, she decided that she didn't want Floronic Man running the world, so she let the tied-up Batman go, and after a short battle, Batman noticed that "Floro" was standing in a puddle, and tore down a cable from the ceiling. After grounding Floro to the spot by electrocuting him, Batman managed to decapitate him once again. Poison Ivy, after taking out Holly and Eva, paralyzed Batman with a kiss, leaving him in the tunnels below Gotham while she took off with her money.

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Dragulf said...

Scary stuff! Imagine if Clock King, Egghead, Calendar man and The Floronic man teamed up. They'd be able to escape a wet paper bag in a decade or two! I see why Batman is so popular, his enemies are to die for...

Chip Chief said...

Fortunately there are some good foes coming up. Like... MR FREEZE!