20 October 2007

Ink Blots - Karas: The Prophecy

Ok, so if you want to know what this movie was about, I can't really tell you... but it looked freaking awesome! Actually, on first viewing, I was pretty lost but a little help from el wikipedia and another viewing helped quite a bit. Now, its not usually a good sign when you have to read someones explanation to understand a movie, but Karas is actually a pretty sophisticated and interesting movie. Also, the fact that The Prophecy is just part 1 of 2 means that not all of the answers should be expected to be answered in this first part.

Having said all of that, the movie is visually stunning. It involves many battles, aerial and otherwise between an armored Karas and mechanical demons. The CG and traditional animated elements are blended seamlessly providing a cinematic experience that is incredibly intense and beautiful. Thats why even though this movie is a bit hard to follow, its still worth a watch for the curious. And if the curious put in the effort to understand the story, the film is even better (though I guess most movies are better when you understand them).

So, to get the interested a bit of a running start, the movie opens with a clash between two beings, Eko and a Karas. The Karas is a guardian of humans against unseen demons. Eko, a former Karas, turned evil when he felt humans did not appreciate all that was being done for them. Eko raised an army of demons, and has since been slaying Karas(s) including the one in the opening sequence. The movie then moves three years forward and introduces a new Karas that must battle demons and Eko. The movie also follows some X-Filesish cops, and a reformed demon named Nue who is also trying to help the good guys.

One last thing. A quote on the DVD says "Like Batman Begins." I don't now the context of the comment (maybe its a reference to the Karas armor and Batsuit being both black) but this movie is NOTHING like Batman Begins (not that Batman isn't great, I just don't get the comparison). So, for a diverting (NOT amusing (reference to Flushed Away)) romp, check out Karas. Due to fantastic sensory stimulation, and an interesting though complex and weird story, Karas: The Prophecy guards a B.

PS, Karas: The Revelation concludes the story and is now available. Look for a review soon.

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Never heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation.

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