30 October 2007

Old News is New Again

So, rumblings around the net say that Green Lantern and Flash films are going to be the first spun off from the upcoming Justice League film. They both have direstors getting to work, but thats been true before so... The big news this time is that, uh oh, suddenly this train wreck of a movie may be a huge deal. Not only will a bad JL movie derail hopes for a good ensemble film, it may take down the whole DC universe with it. I would feel much better if our hopes werent in the hands of the dude who brought us Happy Feet.

One last thing, I hear a lot that the only Leaguers who can carry a solo film are Supes and Batman. This is just silly. Look at the Marvel films. Quality aside, Ghost Rider and Daredevil both carried profitable movies and Ant-man has a film coing for crying out loud. Surely a well made Flash or Green Lantern movie could be a hit.

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Shiro said...

I'd trust George Miller (who I would more likely associate with the Mad Max movies than Happy Feet) with a movie like this than many other directors... I just don't like the 90210 concept of casting...

Dragulf said...

I want the Green Lantern to do well but his ring always running out of power always irritated me. GL or the Flash, with good scripts, should do well but flooding the market with so many super hero films, especially second or third tier heroes, will just piss people off (BEE MOVIE anyone?) and people won't watch them.