26 October 2007

Spoilerific Justice League Details... Maybe

Just to give an example of the kind of crap that floats across the internet (and gets perpetuated by sites like mine) I found these FAQs on AICN. Now, I should say a similar set of FAQs surfaced a year or more before Spidey 3, and turned out to be pretty accurate. So HIGHLIGHT at your own risk. Too bad this movie will pale in comparison of the JL cartoon. Why don't they just call this movie Superfriends, since thats what its probably going to be.


Does the Justice League exist at the start of the film?
It does not.

Has Batman met all the superheroes he has under surveillance?

Are the heroes surprised Batman knows all their
secret identities?

Does Lois or Luthor appear in the movie?
Lois is mentioned; no Lex.

With which supervillains must the League contend?
Maxwell Lord, Talia al Ghul (daughter of “Batman Begins’” Ra’s al Ghul) and the Omacs.

Does Superman have a big part?
Superman has a huge part as well as a huge fight with Wonder Woman and Batman.

Do Wonder Woman and Batman team up against Superman?
Diana does team up with Batman against Superman.

Whose side is Martian Manhunter on?
Martian Manhunter is not involved nor is anyone else, they are all fighting other people or hurt.

Does Aquaman have a big part?
Not so much.

Do we get to see Atlantis or Themyscira?
We see Atlantis briefly, no Paradise Island.

Do Hawkman, The Atom, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Hal Jordan
or Black Canary appear and/or exist in this universe??

Are Aquaman, Wonder Woman, The Flash(es), Batman,
Superman, John Stewart and J'onn J'onzz the only DC
superheroes in the movie?

A living, breathing Barry Allen appears in the script. Is Wally West in the movie as well?
Both Wally and Barry are heavily featured in the film, and are the best written characters in the script.

What’s the best thing about the script?
Best thing about the script besides all the Flashes stuff is the fight with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Is that Barry Allen’s funeral at the start of the script?

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