24 November 2007

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty, the Hobby Robber first introduced in the 1950s, and reintroduced in 2003. He has never appeared outside of comics and nursery rhymes. The latter version was fascinated with taking things apart and then putting them back together. This informs his crimes; he would sneak out late at night to disassemble and reassemble mechanical devices which had upset him in some way. As his sole knowledge about their workings came from books borrowed from the public library, the "fixed" devices caused numerous accidents.

Humpty's final crime resulted in several of the various giant objects situated on Gotham's rooftops collapsing into the streets, which inspired a law banning such devices. When Batgirl tried to apprehend him for this, he fell off the rooftop. She saved him- but dislocated her arms in the process. Humpty, being far from aggressive, promptly slipped her arms back into her sockets and surrendered himself to her. Revealing that she had tracked him by his overdue library withdrawals, her sole request was why he had withdrawn a book on human anatomy. Humpty placidly took her back to his home to reveal he had killed his abusive grandmother with an axe, then attempted to sew her together again with bootlace. It was likely this crime that resulted in his being sentenced to Arkham Asylum where he was a model prisoner.

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