16 November 2007

Always a Princess Never a Bride

I saw this on TheMovieBlog.com yesterday, and it blew my mind! Watch how this reflecting DVD case keeps the title "The Princess Bride" even when flipped upsode down. There is no way the designer earned what he was worth on this cover. I am tempted to buy this edition just for the fancy cover in spite of its Quintuple dipedness. The version I own came out in 2000, and is one of those DVDs were the title screen looks like a 5th graders web page, and chapter stops are the only "special feature."

BUT IT NOW: Princess Bride on DVD


finky the kid said...

Too cool. I also have that 2000 version and let me say you nailed the description. - hahahaha

Pretty cool what they did on this one. Anything new on the inside?

Chip Chief said...

im not really sure. i think there are some featurettes. anything is better than the version i have now.