06 November 2007

Ink Blots - Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme

This animated film is the fourth in a series of Marvel DtVs including Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 as well as The Invincible Iron Man. While this movie gets a lot right, it still lacked a little something that kept it from being an animated series classic like those in the DC line. The movie does get extra points for taking on a hero I knew not too much about and making him interesting. It would have been easy to just give us Captain America or Thor.

Once again, we are given an origin story. Doc Stephen Strange is a cocky surgeon who happens to be in tune with the paranormal. He is involved in a car accident, losing control of his fine motor skills in his hands, and thus his skill as a surgeon. He is then trained by the ancient one in the mystical ways and eventually has a showdown with good guy turned bad Mordo and the demonic Dormammu. His journey is actually quite engaging. We learn that as a young doctor, he was unable to save his sister and thats when he sorta turned into a jerk. There are also some well choreographed sequences involving psychic sword fights and showdowns with giant demons. The problem is, all of this leads up to a ridiculous ending where Strange decides he can simply absorb Dormammu's powers.

So, basically, the film is a pretty well animated romp with some decent action, but it again feels like more of a setup for a payoff in a "part 2" that isnt coming. Hopefully the next of these Marvel films avoids the orgin story which takes half of the movie and really doesnt payoff. Marvel could learn from the recent Superman Doomsday that started off with Superman already an established hero, allowing for a more fleshed out adventure.Like previous Marvel efforts, Strange (mostly cause I am a sucker for comic book films) conjures a B.

Oh and by the way, the next film being "Teen Avengers" seems to have thrown out the whole "animated films for mature fans" mantra out the window. Hopefully its not a total turd.

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