30 November 2007

A Little Surfer for a Little Green

This little figurine (with comics and interviews on a DVD), listed for $14.99 was available for a "very special price" of $4.99 with purchase of Fantastic 4 - Rise of the Silver Surfer on DVD at Best Buy. Well guess what? The deal got even sweeter. These little dudes are marked down in the computer at a mere $.01, regardless of what the sticker says. The most likely place to find them is in the DVD section on the floor under the action movies. Feel free to stock up. They make great Christmas gifts! My local store had about 40 of them, but I restrained myself and just picked up a few, even though I still had a quarter burning a hole in my pocket. It also seems that EBay has had a recent influx of these little guys, so beware.

Happy hunting!


finky the kid said...

so, can you get it for $0.01 without having to purchase the crap film?

I just finally got around to seeing FF2 and really wasn't too impressed.

Chip Chief said...

yes sir! you can walk into the store with only a nickel in your pocket and leave with 5 surfers.

Dragulf said...

Silver Surfer looked pretty good in FF2. Hollywood writers are dumb though, his power isn't in his surfboard. SS has always had the power cosmic inside him.

I wouldn't mind having 2-5 of those.

ChiliLady said...

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