29 November 2007

Radar Blips - Legend of Earthsea

The Year: 2004

The Players: X-Men's Iceman, Smallville's Lana Lang, and Danny Glover

The Take: This was presented as a SciFi Channel original miniseries.

So which book is it based on?: The mini series actually tries to combine books 1 and 2, (A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan) into a single parallel story even though the books are chronologically sequential.

Why you should see it: Lots of people hate everything about this movie (including the author of the books Ursula Le Guin), claiming that it is nothing like the books. I think that the miniseries actually does a decent job of translating the first book to screen. Sure, some details, like the main characters name and race are changed, but overall the story is intact. The second and superior book was unfortunately butchered. Still, its a nice intro to the world of Earthsea that led me and hopefully others to read the books. Also interesting is the fact that the Studio Ghibli Earthsea (adapting book 3, The Farthest Shore) film cannot be seen in the US until 2009 because of distribution rights of this miniseries, so at least for another year, this is what we've got.

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Dragulf said...

It has the spastic eye twitcher = acting Kristin Krappy in it? No wonder it did so well...

Chip Chief said...

i call her "snaggletooth"