07 December 2007

All Signs Point North, The Golden Compass is Here

The buzz on this one aint so hot, but if it does well we will get parts 2 and 3 shot back to back. This book was good, but part 2, The Subtle Knife, could be all kinds of cool. At the very least, the bear fight in TGC will have to be worth checking out. Post your thoughts, opinions, and reviews here.

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1 comment:

finky the kid said...

I hope they actually show Iorek slapping the jaw off the other "king" polar bear as it happens in the book.

Actually, I don't but I'll enjoy nudging my fiance at the end of the fight in the movie and telling her, "That was weak. In the book he LITERALLY knocks the other one's jaw off."

I'm not seeing this until it hits second run.