11 December 2007

Ink Blots - Bee Movie

After A Bugs Life, Antz, and last year's bomb The Ant Bully, ant movies had been pretty well mined. Ah, but there are plenty of other creepy crawlies out there that could carry a feature length film... or are there? The cleverest part of the slightly amusing Bee movie is its title. We join Barry Bee Benson trying to decide how to live his adult bee life. He ends up lost from the hive in a rainstorm, befriending a human. Eventually he learns that humans are exploiting bees for honey. He sues, courtroom drama style, and wins on behalf of all beedom. With a reclaimed mass of honey, the bees no longer need to work, and as a result all the pretty flowers die. But fear not, magical pollen obtained from a "float"-jacked Princess and the Pea Rose Parade float just might resuscitate all of the flowers to the accompaniment of a remix of the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun."

Lost you?? Well if you couldn't tell, the story is kind of all over the place. And in the end, we realize its better to just go along with the way things have always been than to try and make a difference. The animation in this film was fantastic, especially during the aerial bee flight sequences. The colors are bright and fun, but the story just doesn't match the palette.

Sadly, comedian Jerry Seinfeld just wasn't that funny, nor was the story very profound. So basically, this movie was a big ol waste of time. This seems to be Dreamworks new model, pretty movies that aren't funny and have pointless stories. Can't wait for Kung Fu Panda. Until then, Bee movie should be renamed C- movie.

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Dragulf said...

D movie sounds about right.