18 December 2007

Ink Blots - Futurama: Bender's Big Score

If the Simpsons Movie was made for anyone who's ever enjoyed an episode of the Simpsons with little extra for die hard fans, this first of four DtV Futurama movies was made for people who have seen every episode of the series and to hell with casual fans. And thats the way I like it.

In the movie, the gang discovers the secret to time travel on Fry's butt. Bender uses it to loot the past, and Fry himself returns to the year 2000. Of course, it wouldnt be time travel without paradoxes (paradoxi?). For example, one alien went back in time, caught up with himself, "one thing led to another and we ended up an my place, out should I say our place." Funny stuff. Hermes also gets decapitated. Everyone got some good moments with the exception of Amy, but shes kinda boring anyways. Also, alien scammers take over Earth leading to an epic battle led by the one and only Zap Brannigan and his immodest uniform.

There were so many cool moments in the movie, a recap of famous email scams, a fleet of gold and jewel encrusted death stars, Nibblonians, Santa and his pals Kwanza bot and Chanuka Zombie AKA CZ, the mafia bots, Richard Nixon's head, Spiro Agnew's body, Al Gore, the Globetrotters, hedonism bot, and hypnotoad... I LOVE HYPNOTOAD...

There are little nods to continuity like Fry's dog's petrification, and the destruction of Old New York during Fry's hibernation. There is even a new love interest for Leela (much like the out of nowhere new boyfriend for Lisa Simpson), but this character ends up being worth introducing. I could tell this was made for me, and people like me who love Futurama.

So, if you havent seen the show, should you pass? No, its still a good movie, you will just not have as many gleeful moments while watching. The thing that really elevates this movie (and Futurama episodes like The Sting, Parasites Lost, and The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings) is that not only is it hilarious, but it delivers on emotion too. I did not see the end coming, and the story was so well crafted alternating between the years 2000 (where Bender assassinated a Fry copy) and 3000 (where Santa put the scammers on his naughty list). I would give this movie an A, but I want to leave room for the next 3 movies so for now I will award an A- with a chance for reconsideration.

EDIT: After seeing The Beast With a Billion Backs, which did not improve on this effort, I am regrading this one a solid A.

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