05 December 2007

Prince Caspian Trailer

I was pretty skeptical about this movie. The book is my least favorite of the series, but this trailer looks fantastic... and you know if the movie was no good, the trailer would be bad, right? I am actually getting excited for this series to continue. I will embed the trailer when it becomes available, in the mean time: CLICK ME

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finky the kid said...

Trailer was okay, but it felt like a rehash of TLTWATW. I re-read this book about 2 years ago and it was okay, but TLTWATW is still the best one.

j said...

I am definitely more excited after having seen the trailer. I always felt like the TLTWATW movie felt too much like a LoTR wannabe, and I think this film will be different enough that it doesn't feel that way. Not sure if that will help or hurt its box office take, but I think I'll enjoy it more.