27 December 2007

Radar Blips - Galaxy Quest

The Year: 1999

The Players: In addition to the this time tolerable Tim 'the Toolman' Tailor, you get Severus Snape, Ripley from Aliens, The Mac Guy, and Monk.

The Take: $72 million

Star Trek Parody Eh? Sounds Kinda Lame: This movie is actually a fairly respectful action comedy rather than a "Hot Shots" style spoof.

Why you should see it: The bast way to describe this movie is to imagine the cast of Star Trek being forced to command a real starship Enterprise by real world aliens who had seen the show on TV and thought it was real. So while this is a comedy, its also an honest to goodness sci-fi movie as well. I put off seeing this for years because it seemed like a lazy cheap shot at Trek, but it was a nice cable surprise.

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j said...

I sat through the first 20 minutes of this movie and had yet to see anything funny so I left. I must not have given it enough time or else must not be trekky enough to "get" it.