23 December 2007

Trailer Round-Up

I've been away on some vacation, and neglecting my duties as chief of the chips. But I am back and here are a few of the gems that came out this past week.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army may not win any news fans for Big Red, but it looks to deliver for fans of the first.

The Dark Knight got some special IMAX preview treatment with a 6 minute Joker intro. This dude looks crazy - insane in the mainframe, some might say.

Coraline is a stop-motion Neil Gaiman adaptation. Though this isnt a real trailer, it promises a movie along the lines of The Corpse Bride.


j said...

I think Hellboy 2 looks like it could be good. Better than any of the FF movies. Also the Batman scene I liked a lot better than the fairly generic trailer that is showing with the regular, non-IMAX I Am Legend.

Dragulf said...

The Jokers voice doesn't seem menacing to me. Too soft? TDK looks good though.
Hellboy looks better than the first one if that's possible.

finky the kid said...

Damn, is it possible that TDK can live up to being as good as the snippets that have hit the interWeb?
I really want it to, but....

And, yeah, for those who like HellBoy, I think #2 is goingto be better than the first.