20 January 2007

Superhero's On Screen - Spider-Man 4 is Coming!

With Spider-Man 3 just months away, Sony has revealed their plans for the franchise. The first official steps have been taken towards Spidey 4. Who would I like to see in part 4? Perhaps a return of Venom and possibly Carnage at his side, and also I think Electro or the Lizard could be cool. What would be awesome is a Sinister Six, but I just don't see that happening. Anyways, here is the story as posted on SuperheroHype.com:

Superhero Hype! has learned exclusively from a very reliable source that Spider-Man screenwriter David Koepp is in talks with Sony Pictures to write Spider-Man 4!

Our source tells us that the studio is really excited about Spider-Man 3 after having seen a first cut of the movie. Add to that the phenomenal reaction to the screenings of footage at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago and the momentum leading up to this point from last summer's Comic-Con, which have sparked the studio to approach Koepp about penning the fourth film's screenplay.

Koepp is not signed yet, but the studio is definitely moving forward with another installment.

Keopp recently finished the script for Indiana Jones 4 which received the green light from George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford. Besides the first Spider-Man movie, he has written such blockbusters as War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park, Panic Room, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, Mission: Impossible and Carlito's Way.

The first two "Spider-Man" films earned $1.6 billion dollars total worldwide. Spider-Man 3 kicks-off the summer on May 4.

Spider-Man / Spider-Man 2 (Widescreen Special Editions)

The Many Foes of Spider-Man - Mysterio

That ain't no fish in that bowl, it's Mysterio

Mysterio's true identity was Quentin Beck, a special-effects wizard who worked for a major studio and had dreams to make a name for himself in the film industry. However, he lacked the looks and talent to be a star and the patience to be a director, and saw his career in special-effects to be a dead-end job. When a friend jokingly suggested that the quickest way to become famous is to take out a costumed hero, Beck realized that his expertise in illusions could make him an effective supervillain. Choosing Spider-Man, a relatively weak and inexperienced target, Beck prepared his resources for a few months before attempting to eliminate the wall-crawler. Mysterio, his chosen identity, became one of Spider-Man's most elusive and persistent foes.

Mysterio showed his full range of talents in his first battle with Spider-Man, fogging the hero's Spider-Sense with a special gas and dissolving his webbing with a chemical abrasive. In other encounters, Mysterio has faked the death of Spider-Man's Aunt May, impersonated a world-renowned psychiatrist to convince Spider-Man that he was losing his mind, and made deals with demons from Limbo. Despite this, however, Mysterio was constantly beaten by Spider-Man and usually arrested. He joined Doctor Octopus' Sinister Six on several occasions, but this never gave him the edge against his foe that he desired. Eventually, he began to lose credibility as a supervillain with his defeat at the hands of the preteen superhero team, Power Pack, being a particularly humiliating moment.

After his final imprisonment, Mysterio was given an early release, as he had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and lung cancer, both caused by the chemicals and radiation from his equipment. He was given one year to live. Obsessed with enacting his final revenge on Spider-Man, he was disappointed when he deduced from newspaper articles that the current Spider-Man was just a clone, and saw no dignity in overpowering a 'copy' of the real thing (even though by then, the clone had been killed, and the current Spider-Man was indeed the original). Mysterio decided to change his plan and focus on Daredevil, who he had encountered recently during an insurance scam that the Man Without Fear had thwarted, instead, believing that, in Daredevil, he had found a 'kindred spirit', in the sense that both were second stringers with little reputation outside their homes.

After the Kingpin gave Mysterio all the information he possessed about Daredevil's past, Mysterio developed an elaborate plot to drive Daredevil insane. Daredevil was nearly manipulated into killing an innocent baby (falsely accused of being the Antichrist), Karen Page was killed by Bullseye after Mysterio had convinced her that she was suffering from HIV due to her time as a porn star, Matt Murdock's partner Foggy Nelson was framed for murder after cheating on his current lover, and Daredevil nearly lost his mind as he appeared to be tormented by the forces of Hell.

However, Daredevil's will proved stronger than Mysterio expected, and he unmasked Mysterio as the mastermind, shattering the villain's helmet in fury and revealing his now languishing appearance. Beck had thought Daredevil would kill him upon discovery, which in his eyes, was a "grand way to end his final show". Daredevil denied him this and instead verbally abused Mysterio's plot and very existence, dismissing Mysterio's scheme as a basic 'B-Movie' plot and calling Mysterio a 'human xerox', incapable of having an original thought in his life; if nothing else, the Kingpin had already attempted to drive Daredevil insane, and he had used the 'supernatural intruding on our world' idea in a previous attack on J. Jonah Jameson. Broken in every sense of the word, Mysterio, saying he was stealing an idea from Kraven the Hunter, pulled out a gun and shot himself dead, thus committing suicide. While Mysterio has faked his own death several times in the past, this act was legitimate, as Mysterio (suffering from lung cancer and a brain tumor due to all the chemicals he was using, thinking Spider-Man was a clone and beaten by Daredevil) had nothing left to live for.

Villain Profiles:

the Beetle
Black Cat
the Chameleon
Doctor Octopus
the Green Goblin
J. Jonah Jameson
Jack O' Lantern
the Kingpin
Kraven the Hunter
the Lizard

Spider-Man 3 debuts in 104 days!

18 January 2007

Ahoy Mates - Pirate Spoilage Aplenty

These dandies were up at AintItCool.com until some suits from Disney got their panties in a bunch. Luckily, they are still up at FilmWad.com So, now they are on this little pirate blog. Yo Ho. According to this concept art Pirates 3 will hold adventures galore, but i still am waiting for me ROBOT Pirates.

A nasty whirlpool:
A cave of broken ships:

The literal "World's End":

Beached ship:

Chow Yun's ship:

Keira 2.0, this looks like more of a concept for the pirates ride renovation:

Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

TMNT - New Trailer

Sorry I am a couple days late on this, but I just saw the new TMNT trailer, and it is impressive. So, I think this animated film is a direct sequel to the first live-action Turtles film, but correct me if I am wrong. In any case, this one looks way better than anything we have seen thus far. And just for kicks, I threw in the original trailer for your viewing pleasure as well. Enjoy:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Movie

Radar Blips - Solaris

The Year: 2002

The Players: George Clooney and director Steven Soderbergh

The Take: $15 million

What's a Solaris: Solaris is a planet in deep space near which a space station is located. It is on that station that most of this movie takes place.

Why you should see it: This film is a psychodrama with an incredible mood established within a deep space station in which ghosts from the past come to life. There is not a lot of action, but the cinematography and ultra widescreen set a compelling and thought provoking tone.


17 January 2007

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's WALL•E

For a while now, we have known that Pixar is working on a movie called WALL-E. What we haven't known is anything else. Some speculated that this was a secret code for Toy Story 3, or Finding Nemo 2, but finally, we have some answers. Wall-E is apparently some sort of robo-fork lift...

According to ComingSoon.Net:

In a letter to shareholders, Disney's Robert A. Iger has revealed this first photo from Pixar's WALL•E, opening in theaters in June of 2008. The letter stated:

We're also excited about Pixar's next animated movie, Ratatouille, which will be released this summer. And I'm pleased to give you an exclusive first look at the title character of their next movie, WALL• E (pictured here), which will be released the following year.

Academy Award®-winning director Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo) helms the animated film.

16 January 2007

Iron Man Non Rejects

Right on the heels of my controversial post "borrowing" Iron Man images (on the internet no less) comes another breaking Iron Man news item.

According to AintItCoolNews, Gwyneth Paltrow has been cast as Pepper Potts, secretary to Tony Stark. She joins an already impressive cast of Robert Downey Jr as Man of Iron and Terrence Howard as Jim Rhodes.

Invincible Iron Man

Iron Man Rejects

EDIT: My apologies to Vic at ScreenRant.com I initially posted this new concept image without permission or credit. As you can see, I edited the image from the one shown below it as I only wanted to show the concept image and not the drawing of the current Iron Man from the comics. In my cropping, I unprofessionally removed the ScreenRant logo, and failed to credit the source. In the future, I pledge to be more careful to give credit where it is due. As a sign of good will, I have replaced ALL the images with ones graciously provided to me by ScreenRant. By the way, ScreenRant is a cool site. Both of my readers should check it out!


As May 2008 approaches, the Iron Man news is gonna start coming in! A while back I offered you this image of a rejected, though still cool design for Iron Man from the upcoming Iron Man movie.

Well, here are a few more suits that didn't make the cut. With these designs as rejects, the final design better be awesome.

AND Speaking of the final design, here is a rumored concept drawing of the final design from Screen Rant.com.

Keep coming back for more Iron Man news, and while you are at it, check out the official site by clicking the logo below.

Invincible Iron Man

Megatron in Jet Form, and MUCH More

Here is a first look at Optimus Prime and Megatron from the upcoming Transformers movie. They are unpainted prototype figures, but still mighty nice. This is the first image of Megatron in his "disguise form."

Here is what Megatron and Prime look like in final form:

Check here for loads more images.

The Transformers - The Movie (20th Anniversary Special Edition)

Ink Blots XLVII - Mulan

Before he played a wisecracking underdog named Donkey, Eddie Murphy voiced a wisecracking underdog named Mushu. By 1998, most people feel that Disney had lost its magic established by The Little Mermaid through The Lion King. But really, Mulan is a great film and much under appreciated. Earning $120 million, the film was profitable as well, though after The Lion King's $300+ million take a few year earlier, expectations were too high.

The story centers on a young Chinese woman who disguises herself as a man and helps to fight against the invading Huns. Its got the classic sidekicks with the aforementioned tiny dragon Mushu, and the funnier cricket. It has great songs with Christina Aguilera's breakout hit Reflection, and Donny Osmond's I'll Make A Man Out of You (Sung by Jackie Chan in Mandarin on the DVD). I suppose it could have had more songs though. The movie is pretty front loaded with the music and the end tends to drag a bit as a result. Mulan is a strong female hero, who is refreshingly not a princess. The film has comedy and action, and even manages to sneak in a love story. As I mentioned before, the ending is the weakest part of the film keeping it from being perfect, but overall, this movie fits in with the top tier of Disney animated movies. Mulan cross dresses to the tune of an A-.

Mulan (Special Edition)

15 January 2007

Casino Royale - Biggest Bond Ever, or Middle of the Pack?

Though Casino Royale is being tauted as the biggest Bond ever by passing up Die Another Day's $160,942,139 this past weekend, is it really the biggest Bond ever? Only if you fail to account for inflation. As it turns out, Thunderball's $63.6 million in 1965 translated to megabucks in 2007. Take a look at this chart which shows how much each Bond made in today's dollars, and look at the order of biggest hits to lamest ducks below:

Film / Unadjusted Box Office / Adjusted for Inflation

Thunderball (Dec 1965) /$63,595,658 /$401,070,986
Goldfinger (Dec 1964) /$51,081,062 /$326,334,617
You Only Live Twice (Jun 1967) / $43,084,787 / $259,901,418
Diamonds are Forever (Dec 1971) / $43,819,547 / $220,647,368
Moonraker (Jun 1979) / $70,308,099 / $210,734,788
Die Another Day (Nov 2002) / $160,942,139 / $177,601,042
Live and Let Die (Jun 1973) / $35,377,836 / $165,341,524
Casino Royale (Nov 2006) / $162,525,000 / $162,525,000
The Spy Who Loved Me (Jul 1977) / $46,838,673 / $160,878,252
From Russia, With Love (Apr 1964) / $24,796,765 / $158,415,712
Tomorrow Never Dies (Dec 1997) / $125,304,276 / $156,126,105
The World is Not Enough (Nov 1999) / $126,943,684 / $152,177,830
GoldenEye (Nov 1995) / $106,429,941 / $140,411,860
Octopussy (Jun 1983) / $67,893,619 / $137,520,925
Casino Royale (Apr 1967) / $22,700,000 / $136,930,000
For Your Eyes Only (Jun 1981) / $54,812,802 / $130,053,443
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Dec 1969) / $22,774,493 / $127,881,297
Never Say Never Again (Oct 1983) / $55,432,841 / $112,281,179
Dr. No (May 1963) / $16,067,035 / $103,979,665
A View to a Kill (May 1985) / $50,327,960 / $94,707,669
The Man With the Golden Gun (Dec 1974) / $20,972,000 / $92,292,414
The Living Daylights (Jul 1987) / $51,185,897 / $91,241,453
Licence to Kill (Jul 1989) / $34,667,015 / $57,299,105

Casino Royale (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition)

James Bond Ultimate Editions