17 March 2007

The Many Foes of Spider-Man - Spider Slayers

They are pesky and persistent. They are the Spider Slayers

The Spider-Slayers are a series of fictional robots in the Marvel Comics universe that were specifically designed to hunt down, capture, and/or kill Spider-Man.

The first number of robots were originally designed and built by Dr. Spencer Smythe with the financial backing of J. Jonah Jameson who piloted them for the pleasure of personally hunting the superhero he hated for capture. However, Spider-Man always managed to defeat each robot in turn. Smythe's continual efforts to perfect his machines backfired on him, leading to himself being fatally contaminated by radiation poisoning from the building materials of his creations. Blaming both Jameson and Spider-Man for this, he attempted, as a final act, to murder them both, but died just before Spider-Man thwarted the attempt.

Later on, Jameson commissioned another scientist, Dr. Marla Madison, to create a new and improved Spider-Slayer. While that attempt failed, he eventually fell in love with her and married her.

Still later, Smythe's son, Alistair, who had sworn revenge on Spider-Man, repeatedly attacked the superhero with his own series of Slayers, and was no more successful. Smythe was later mutated into a humanoid Spider-Slayer, but remained a minor foe.

Villain Profiles:

the Beetle
Black Cat
the Chameleon
Doctor Octopus
the Green Goblin
J. Jonah Jameson
Jack O' Lantern
the Kingpin
Kraven the Hunter
the Lizard
The Sinister Six
Spider Slayers

Spider-Man 3 debuts in 48 days!

Fantastic International Posters

So, Russia is my new meag source for all things nerd. This is two stories in a row. These are nice little shots, though the last one, I don't understand - maybe you have to be Russian. Click HERE for better quality.

Fantastic Four DVD

Stardust - Early Trailer

Sorry, would have had it sooner if I spoke Russian. Straight from RuTube, its Stardust. Enjoy!


16 March 2007

Rats! Chinese Trailer for Ratatouille Reveals Premise

The Chinese trailer for Ratatouille shows a bit more about the premise of the upcoming Pixar film. Don't worry, its still in English. Unfortunately, Embedded Video is disabled, so you will have to link over to Youtube to see it. EDIT: Removed from Youtube, but I relinked to a new source.

Click Here

It looks like Brad Bird, mastermind behind The Iron Giant and The Incredibles is going to be 3 for 3.

The Iron Giant (Special Edition)

The Incredibles (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)

15 March 2007

Double Dip Details

Here is more info on upcoming extended Marvel DVD's which as much as I hate to admit, I will probably end up owning.

Coming JUNE 5

Wow, clocking in at 20 minutes longer, you wonder why the theatrical version of Fantastic Four was so short. Can you say premeditated extended version? Why even go yo movies anymore if they are going to hold back 20% of the movie for DVD? This DVD has both versions toom so IF you want to own F4, and dont already, this is a nice set.

Discs Include:

- U.S. Theatrical Cut of the Film
- Seamlessly Branched Extended Cut of the Film
- Commentary for the Following Re-Inserted Scenes:
"Art Gallery"
"Johnny and Victor in Limo"
"Art Show"
"Thing on a Bench"
"Johnny's Bar Tricks"
"Planetarium with Kiss"
"Walk and Talk"
"Proposal with Stretch"
"Main Title: Alternate Version 1"
"Main Title: Alternate Version 2"
"Wolverine Bit - Alternate Insert"
- Theatrical Teaser
- Theatrical Trailer
- TV Spots
- Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer
- Silver Surfer Featurette
- Commentary with U.S. Theatrical Cut
1: Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba and Michael Chiklis
2: Tim Story, Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, Michael France and Mark Frost
- Commentary with Extended Cut
Tim Story, Avi Arad, Kevin Feige, Michael France and Mark Frost
- Extended and Deleted Scenes:
"Icy Reception (Doom's Lobby)"
"Fan 4 Wake-Up (Post Cosmic Storm)"
"Push Into Plant (Flower)"
"Ben's Birthday (Watching B-Day Tape)"
"Sue Cloaks Envelopes"
"Reed Tests Plant"
"Victor/Sue's Dinner"
"Hot Elevator Girl (Johnny w/ Girls)"
"Storage Room"
"Victor Takes Over"

- Heroes Are Born: Making of Fantastic Four
- The Baxter Building: Declassified
- Multi-angle Animatic to Scene Study
"FF Hit by Cosmic Storm"
"Brooklyn Bridge"
"Ben Hits Johnny"
"Reed and Doom Fight"
"Johnny Chased by Missile"
"The Thing and Doom Fight"
- World's Greatest Comic Magazine Featurette
- Jack Kirby: Storyteller Featurette
- Gallery (50 Stills)
- Visiting the Stateley Ross Museum (Collectible)
- From Comic Book to Film (Collectible)
- Still Galleries
"Behind the Scenes"
"Character Sculpts"
"Concept Art"
"Human Torch Flame Tests"

Coming APRIL 17

The Spidey 2.1 Extended Unrated cut is only 8 minutes longer of mostly non-action. The original movie was already over 2 hours, so the percent added her is like only 5% new footage. I believe the original cut is not included here. And also, chocolate cake girl still appears for no reason at all.

Disc Includes:

* Eight minutes of never-before-seen footage
* Commentary by producer Laura Ziskin and screenwriter Alvin Sargent
* Spidey Sense 2.1 trivia track with integrated pop-ups
* Featurette: "Inside Spider-Man 2.1"
* Featurette: "With Great Effort Comes Great Recognition"
* Multi-angle featurette: Danny Elfman's score
* VFX Breakdowns
* Sneak Peek: Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 2 - Unrated, Extended Cut (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)

Disney Does Sci-Fi

Hope this turns out better than The Black Hole.

Stolen from Variety.com:

Disney wins rights for 'Surrogates'

Mostow to direct robot tale

Disney has acquired rights to the graphic novel "The Surrogates" and will develop it into a sci-fi thriller that Jonathan Mostow will direct.

Michael Ferris and John Brancato will write. The trio last teamed on "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines."

Published by Top Shelf Comix, graphic novel "The Surrogates," written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Brett Weldele, is set in a futuristic world where humans live in isolation. They interact vicariously, through surrogate robots.

Mandeville's David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce, along with Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks.

"This is a Philip K. Dick-like futuristic universe, but people who live a second life already on the Internet can relate to some of the themes here," said Brancato, who with Ferris is adapting the Robert Ludlum novel "Sigma Protocol" for Strike Entertainment.

Subject matter is edgy for Disney, and Oren Aviv is eyeing Touchstone as a home for it.

"This is a grounded sci-fi premise, but there are big effects, and it's clear from '300' that people want to see different kinds of things, and this falls into that category," Hoberman said.

Project was hatched by husband-wife team of Handelman and Banks; the latter is an actress most recently seen in "Invincible" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." They found "Surrogates" and enlisted Lieberman, with whom they attended college.

Mostow will develop the project while he continues to write "Sub-Mariner," an adaptation of the Marvel Comics character for Universal.

The Surrogates Volume 1 (Surrogates (Graphic Novels))

The Black Hole

Radar Blips - Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The Year: 2004

The Players: Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, a one-eyed Angelina Jolie, and an Apple computer.

The Take: $37 Million

Is the film set in "Tomorrow"?: Actually, no. The film is set in "tomorrow" as you might imagine it if you lived in 1920. It features flying robots, all analogue of course, ray guns, mad scientists, and even some genetically engineered dinos.

Why you should see it: From what I understand most of the effects in this film were created on a home computer, or at least thats how the effects began. Pretty impressive. It is a period adventure, supported by a sepia toned effect that sells the era. From an opening scene where a blimp docks with the top of the Empire State Building to a flying air-craft carrier, this film has a number of anime influenced shots. Oh, and the underwater airplanes are cool too.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Widescreen Special Collector's Edition)

14 March 2007

Holy Shazam!

According to the New York Daily News, New Line cinemas wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play Captain Marvel. They want to sign him before he gets tempted to replace Tobey McGuire in the Spider-Man franchise.

As for this casting, meh. But the interesting thing is that this same news bit claims New Line is willing to pony up $200 million for the film. WHOA! Are they crazy? Can Shazam outperform Superman Returns? Unlikely. While I enjoy (almost) all things superhero, I just don't know how broad of an appeal the Big Red Cheese has. If they want to blow $200 mil, I wish they would just send some of that cash my way.

S for the wisdom of Solomon
H for the strength of Hercules
A for the stamina of Atlas
Z for the power of Zeus
A for the courage of Achilles
M for the speed of Mercury

Superman's Return Delayed

ImageWho would have thought that bringing Bryan Singer to Superman would have such craptastic results. First we got Superstalker and a healthy dose of zany Luthor, now we are getting the old "pushed back" treatment for Superman: The Man of Steel while Singer works on a thriller. While his other project will probably be good, I want me some Super smackdowns in a Superman sequel.

I guess old Bryan just can't stay put for too long. After abandoning the X-Men and his long loved Logan's Run remake, I guess it was only a matter of time until he found a project he liked better than Supes.

Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition

13 March 2007

Spidey Gets Venomized

ComicBookMovie.com has a sweet new image from Spider-Man 3 featuring the Venomy Venom.

Ink Blots LIV - Steamboy

Steamboy, released in 2004 was Katsuhiro Otomo's highly anticipated directorial follow-up to Akira (Akira being probably the most well regarded Japanese anime, at least in the US). Steamboy cost a whopping $26 million, making it the most expensive full length anime ever made. But the big spending did not pay off, as the film only mustered $10 million in receipts, less than $500,000 of that coming from the United States. Personally, I am not a huge Akira fan ( I hope I didn't just blow my credibility) but I still am surprised this film didn't attract a larger audience.

The film is set in 19th century Manchester where steam power is like pre-nuclear age ultimate power. It can be compressed in little orbs and when unleahed it sprays superchilled ice. Basically there are 3 generations of Steamers voiced by Rogue, Doc Ock, and Jean Luc Picard. Rogue or Ray "Steam" as he is called must decide to follow either his Father in using super steam balls and the steam castle to usher in a new scientific age, or his Grandfather in resisting the scientific advancement as that with enlightenment also brings more weapons and war. Its a decent flick, though admittedly, the power of steam bringing in the apocalypse is a bit silly, as are some of the character names. "Hi, my name is Ray Steam. Oh, and did I mention, I love steam." There is also a character named Scarlet O'Hara.

The animation blend of 2d with CG machinery however is great. In fact, the animation throughout is fantastic. It is much like that in Metropolis but with more realistic people models. Sadly, the film is not as good as Metropolis, but it is still entertaining, and different... if you are into that sort of thing. This "steampunk" adventure earns a B.

Steamboy - Director's Cut (Widescreen Edition)


12 March 2007

Double Dip Alert - Fantastic Four

I used to love these so called special edition DVDs, especially when they were for Superhero films containing extra scenes, and a great documentary about the history of the comic. But even I am getting to the point that I just do not care. Back it the good ol days of Lord of the Rings, I had the heads up that a better edition was coming. And painful as it was, I was able to hold off on my purchase to get what I really wanted. Those days are long gone.

Now, you can basically assume there will be a better version coming, especially where superheroes are concerned. Unfortunately, you don't know how long you will have to wait. In the case of Spider-Man 2.1, 3 years. That's a long time to hold off buying one of your favorite movies. On June 5, there is a new version of Fantastic Four coming to DVD. First off, those guys should be happy that anyone bought the first version... because it wasn't that good. How are we rewarded for our purchase? They want to see if we will come back for a second round of a slightly sweeter turkey.

The new DVD is 5 minutes longer and has new featurettes: "Heroes are Born: The Making of Fantastic Four", "Jack Kirby: Storyteller" and "The World's Greatest Comics Magazine".

As Mr. Horse would say, "No sir, I don't like it."

Fantastic Four DVD