15 September 2007

The Friends and Foes of Batman - Cluemaster

A failed game show host, Arthur "Artie" Brown became a criminal who left clues toward his crimes, though unlike the Riddler these clues weren't riddles. A considerably distorted and obese version of the Cluemaster has appeared on the animated series The Batman

The Cluemaster began his criminal campaign by a daring attempt to learn the secret identity of the Batman, in order to gain a fighting edge. This, however, failed. Arthur Brown had a daughter named Stephanie, but rarely spent any time with her due to long periods of incarceration. When he returned to Gotham, "rehabilitated," Stephanie became furious when she discovered that he had returned to crime without his need to leave clues behind. Making a costume for herself, she called herself the Spoiler, found out her father's plans, and left clues so that the police and Batman could stop him. Robin tracked her down, and she joined in the capture of the Cluemaster. Each time the Cluemaster escaped or started some new plan, Stephanie doned her costume again in order to foil him. Eventually, she realised she enjoyed being a hero, and began regular patrols as Spoiler. For a brief period of time she even replaced her boyfriend, Tim Drake, as Robin.

With several other villains, Cluemaster became a member of the Injustice League, then later the Justice League Antarctica, attempting to reform. Cluemaster and his teammates volunteered to join the second Suicide Squad, a group sanctioned by the US government, in return for a full pardon of his crimes. The Cluemaster also hoped to make Stephanie proud of him.

During the mission, which involved dealing with terrorists and a lovesick genetic experiment, Cluemaster saw his friends, Big Sir, Clock King and Multi-Man die. In the resulting chaotic battle, Cluemaster seemingly saved Major Disaster's life twice, though the Major admited the situation was confusing. Cluemaster was seen shot many times through the chest. He survived this incident, with a year's recuperation in the hospital and many, many scars. He was encouraged by thoughts of his daughter.

When he got out and discovers that his daughter had been killed, he took on the secret identity Aaron Black and created the "Campaign for Culpability", blaming Batman for his involvement in Stephanie's death, saying that she was not the first child working with Batman to die and that Batman should be brought to justice.

In The Batman Arthur Brown sought revenge on the people he blamed for rigging the last question on "Think Thank Thunk", a game show that he competed in when he was a child. This version of Cluemaster was based on Tim Burton's character Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Friend and Foe Profiles:

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The Dark Knight returns in 307 days!

12 September 2007

Another Smallville Teaser

More Manhunter, more Bizzaro, and the possible return of Brainiac.

10 September 2007

UPDATE Iron Man is THE Man

UPDATE: Here it is:

The official Iron Man trailer has arrived, and it id (pardon the expression) off the hook. I will post it in all its embedded glory when youtube gets it. Until then, link to it here in marvelous Quicktime.

Indiana Jones and the Incomprehensible Title

09 September 2007

No Tights... Some Flights

Smallville showrunners have found ways of bending the no flights, no tights mantra, but this season, with the addition of Supergirl, it looks like the rule may be outright broken. I think most fans would like to see Clark finally fly, since he has been able to since the beginning. Season 7 is looking good so far. Take a look.