24 January 2008

James Bond and the Quantum of Solace

Hows that for a title? Quantum of Solace is the new title for the film formerly known as Bond 22. I'm not sold yet, I think I still prefer "Bond 22." Fortunately, time heals all wounds.


finky the kid said...

Least "Bond-like" Bond title ever? At least since Octopussy...

Chip Chief said...

the again, there is something very bondesque about "octopussy"

i read this hilarious take on themovieblog.com

"It is cool that they are using a title from an Ian Fleming story, but it is a bit off putting. Quantum Of Solice [sic] sound like the title of a film about a lonely wizard that lives on a murky hill in a ramshackle tower. The wizard spends all his days studying magic and eating roots; late in life the wizard realizes that he has devoted his entire life to the study of magic and has never seen it in action. Bent from a life of solitude and root eating he goes to the nearest town and unleashes a level 10 fireball upon them. He delights in his abilities so much that he goes to the caves of Aratal Muhollak (the green dragon) and challenges him to a duel. The dragon then swiftly kills the senile cocksure wizard."