03 January 2008

Radar Blips - Minority Report

The Year: 2002

The Players: Steven Spielberg (coming off of the Kubrickian AI), Tom Cruise, and Daredevil's Bullseye. Based on a short story by Philip K Dick (Total Recall, Paycheck, Blade Runner).

The Take: $132 million

Are There Lots of Minorities in this Movie?: Not so many. There are three drug babies that can see the future and prevent murders. Sometimes, one of the three disagrees with the other two thus producing a "minority report."

Why you should see it: The movie has an interesting premise. Just because you are stopped from committing murder, does that mean you aren't a murderer? Can you be convicted of something you were going to do? Not only is the movie thought provoking, but it has an interesting take on the future, where optical scanners are everywhere, and identity theft involves ocular transplants. Also, coming off of his work on AI, this movie has a strong visual influence from Kubrick, though a better ending than AI (please blue fairy, please...) Truly a great and intense movie with good performances by all involved.

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