25 January 2008

Radar Blips - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The Year: 1984

The Players: Crew of "Trek Classic," and Doc Christopher Lloyd Brown as Klingon Commander Kruge.

The Take: $76 million (5th ranked of 10)

Where did Spock go off to?: If you recall, Spock died in ST2 and was launched in a photon torpedo tube which landed on the planet Genesis. Turns out, zombie Spock (back from the dead) may be salvageable.

Why you should see it: Search for Spock really pales in comparison to Wrath of Khan, and appears quite cheaply made. An odd numbered Trek, III is the weak, but essential, link of the classic Trek trilogy spanning 2-4. Still the movie has its moments. The stealing of the Enterprise is great, as is the duping of Klingons, and "death" of the original Enterprise.


Johnny Kool said...

I was a kid when this came out and had a hard time grasping the concept they came up with about how Spock came back to life. I don't think I've watched it since the mid 80s, so maybe I'll Netflix it and see if my adult brain understands better.

Chip Chief said...

im not sure they really explained much. just that genesis made things come to life. there were also some rapidly mutating bacteria on the photon tube that evolved into big bugs.