04 January 2008

Shamless CopBEEcat

The other day I was looking at the new titles in my local Redbox DVD rental vending machine, and for a second was surprised to see they had the less than great Bee Movie (which was made mostly to cash in on a clever title). Well, turns out Jerry Seinfeld isn't the only game in town when it comes to Bee puns.

Plan Bee looks to cash in on confused or uninformed moms looking to satiate their young one's unquenchable thirst for CG bug movies. Who knows, maybe Plan Bee is better. With a tagline like "The Sting is in the tale," its gotta be good! Riiiiiiiiight... It just so happens that there is a whole world of shameless knock offs out there that make The Wild look like Shakespeare.

Reader J pointed me to a couple of other modern classics: Ratatoing and The Little Cars. Nice find J. Turns out the Little Cars even mustered a sequel. All of a sudden Dreamworks doesnt seem so bad. Maybe I should try and make a quick buck. The Incredibleitos? Shek? WALL-F? There are endless possibilities.


a.i. editor said...

Yeah, bee movie is hilarious :)

I guess it could take you quite a while to the the same level of animation like Bee Movie even with a whole animation team helping you.

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finky the kid said...

Wow, who knew.