06 February 2008

Another Dose of Clones

Here is the trailer for the upcoming animated Clone Wars series. The traditionally animated minisodes were actually pretty good, so there may be hope. Its pretty ironic that they had 3 prequel movie, but they actually skipped the whole clone war (except for the first and last battle). Its about damn time we get to see what we wanted all along, the actual war!


j said...

Yeah, this does look like its got potential to be more interesting than Anakin and Padme's wooden love story. Not that that's saying much.

Johnny Kool said...

Looks too good to be true.

Maybe we'll finally find out why Grievous was weaksauce in the movies.

The problem I have with this is it'll remind me of how much the prequels sucked. :(

Anonymous said...

Haven't we already seen enough of the Clone Wars? The Animated Minisodes that aired on Cartoon Network were enough for me to get a brief back story of the Clone Wars. Too much I say!