13 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Act of Contrition (1x04)

This is part one of two focusing on the fall and rise of Starbuck. The episode opens with a lighter mood. Flattop is celebrating his 1,000th landing, until a drone breaks free of a rack and fires, killing like half the pilots. Oops. Mood darkens.

Now, Comander Adama looks to Starbuck to train some new "nuggets," as she has formerly been a flight trainer. Little does he know, Starbuck passed Adama's son Zach in flight school, even though he sucked, because she was in love with him. Then he crashed and died. Oh the guilt. Now she doesn't want to have any of the new guys die on her watch. Anyhow, she winds up training Hot Dog (Edward James Olmos' real life son, "thanks for the job dad"), Kat (who only ceases to annoy upon her death episode), and Chuckles (dies after like 2 more episodes). During the training, a Cylon Patrol appears. Starbuck takes on 8 ships. Hot Dog shoots one, and breaks his ship. Starbuck shoots 7, but crashes on a toxic moon. TO BE CONTINUED...

It was nice to have the Zach/ Starbuck story told, and the scene when Starbuck confessed to Adama was very powerful. Also the Starbuck dogfight was superb. Another quality episode, but I am reserving top marks for the very best. 4 out of 5 Hot Dogs.

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