13 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Bastille Day (1x03)

Well, found water the fleet did, but in ice form. Mining the water required massive manpower, so the leadership decided to offer the job detail to a ship full of prisoners on the ironically named Astral Queen. What they did not count on was that terrorist leader Tom Zerak was on board. Tom takes over the ship holding Apollo hostage.

Apollo, a bit of a "radical thinker" himself negotiates a deal with Zarek that pisses off both his father and the President. Elections will be held within a year to legitimize the Secretary of Education (who no one voted for) as President. And the Astral Queeners get to run their own ship in exchange for mining the water.

Baltar manages to obtain a nuclear warhead to create his Cylon detector, with a little help from his invisible Cylon friend.

Oh, and fake Boomer and Helo are still on Caprica falling in love and trying to survive.

The mood of this episode was very dark, most of it taking place in the prison. Tom will be a pretty major player later on, and this was a pretty good introduction. The tension was palatable throughout, and the episode really establishes Apollo as the "hero" of the series. It also hints that he may make a good lawyer someday (perhaps in season 3). Although there weer no Cylon battles, there was a nice raid on the prison. Again, this was pretty good, but not quite up there with the greats. 4 out of 5 freedom points.

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