18 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Flesh and Bone (1x08)

In this episode, we catch up with the Cylon model known as Leoben. This one likes to play games with your mind. Bill Adama first met up with him in the miniseries, and upon discovering his Cyloninity, beat him down with a flashlight. After revealing the known identities of the Cylons to the fleet in the last episode, old Leo was discovered. Starbuck is brought in, and torture ensues.

Leoben claims there is a nuke in the fleet, and then he gets water boarded to reveal the location. He refuses, then admits it wasn't true. He also tells Starbuck she will find the planet Kobol (lost origin planet of the Galacticanians) and that it will lead to Earth. This actually is true. He also says that Adama is a Cylon.

At this bit of news, President Roslin flushes him out the airlock claiming that he is trying to poison their minds. And he was successful, Roslin will quation Adama. More importantly I will question him. Even now there is
one unknown Cylon. Is it Bill Adama? Doubtful. Lee or Zach? I would say no... but now that we know some of the others crew are Cylons of a different type, I suppose anything is possible. Even if he was outright lying, which I wouldn't put past him, he did put some thoughts in my mind.

This episode also showed Roslin starting to have visions from her alternative cancer therapy. The visions will get worse, and she will play a role in finding Kobol. This episode deepened the mystery and mythology of the show. And I really enjoyed Roslin treating the Cylon kindly, only to kill him moments later. 4 out of 5 airlocks.

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