27 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Fragged (2x03)

The Colonel Tigh dictatorship begins. Tigh's wife tells him that Roslin is crazy, and she was due to withdrawal from her cancer drug. So, Mr Tigh invites the Quorum of Twelve (Senate) to see for themselves. Unfortunately, in the interim, she obtains some medicine and not olnly appears sane, she reveals herself as the prophetic "dying leader" destined to lead humanity to Earth. Tigh looks like a douche bag, and declares marshal law. This is not taken well, but at least his wife is happy with her powerful hubby.

Meanwhile, on Kobol, Crashdown hatches an idiotic plan to take out the Cylons laying in wait for a rescue party. It involves one of the mechanics running in front of the "toasters" to draw fire. She refuses. Crashdown threatens to kill her if she doesn't obey orders, so Baltar kills him. They narrowly escape death and are rescued. Phew.

Tigh really has an Okay heart, and he is loyal to Adama, but this arc shows that he is a nightmare as a leader, and his alcohol and wife are terrible for him. Sadly, things only get worse before they get better. During this time, it may have been better to have been stationed on Pegasus. 4 out of 5 one-eyed dictators.

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