23 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Kobol's Last Gleaming (1x12-13)

Leoben's prophetic words come true. The fleet finds the lost planet of Kobol. Unfortunately, the Cylons had also found it. One ship with VP Baltar crashes on the planet where they will be awaiting rescue into next season. Adama has a plan to take out the Cylon Basestar using the captured Raider, but President Roslin has other plans. She convinces Starbuck to steal the ship, return to Caprica and get an old relic that the scriptures say will show the way to Earth. At first Starbuck refuses, then Roslin tells her that Adama "made it up" when he said he knew where Earth was. He doesn't really believe in it. Religious Starbuck accepts the mission, and all hell breaks loose.

Adama decides Roslin is dangerous and stages a coup. Lee gets in between the strike force and Roslin, and is arrested.

Boomer realizes she is a Cylon, no matter what Baltar says. She shoots herself in the face, failing to suicide. She then accepts a suicide mission to destroy the Basestar. She succeeds, meeting about a thousand of herself on the way.

Instead of accepting Adama's congrats, she shoots him twice in the chest...


Wow! surprising ending, and a great setup for the next seasons first arc. Taken as separate parts, the first half is a bit slow with lots of build up, but together, this is one mighty fine piece of drama with believable surprises and high stakes. The crash sequence is very well done, and the hues and colors of Kobol make it look like it really is another world. This is another example of Galactica hitting a perfect stride. 5 out of 5 hies to Kolob.

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Dragulf said...

This story and "33" are my favorites.