16 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Litmus (1x06)

Oe of the previously seen Human Cylons reappears and suicide bombs Galactica. This forces the higher ups to reveal that Cylons look like humans. There will be repercussions here, but in the mean time an independent tribunal convenes to point the finger of blame for this incident.

So, Chief Tyrol and Boomer were continuing their romance against orders, and meeting in secret. Boomer left one of the hatches open during their midnight meeting (likely on purpose) allowing the bomber to obtain the explosives. One of the Chiefs crew confesses to protect the Chief and is put in prison. The chief confesses to Adama, but is told that the crewman still lied under oath and must be punished. The Chief is told that he is too important to be put in the brig, but he is going to have to live with the guilt of what happened to his loyal crewman. The Chief ends it with Boomer, but still doesnt turn her in for the previous water bombings.

In the meantime, the tribunal goes mad with power accusing even Adama of collusion with the Cylons for not revealing their human secret sooner. He disbands the tribunal.

Also, Helo rescues Boomer #2. He loves her.

The Chief really screwed up, and it was good to see him feel horrible for doing so. Anyways, the next few episodes really benefit from this one. Now that the fleet knows Cylons look like humans, paranoia ensues. Anyone could be a Cylon. This was a pretty good episode, kinda like an episode of JAG or something, but nothing really put it over the top. 4 out of 5 suicide bombers.

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