24 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Scattered (2x01)

After being shot by Boomer, Adama is wheeled off to surgery awaiting the arrival of the doc from the fleet. Boomer claims she has no memory of the incident and is hauled of to the brig. Things for her won't ever really improve from here on out. A Cylon basestar arrives coinciding with Adama's smackdown, and the fleet is forced to jump.

Then Gaeta makes a rare but huge frak-up. He forgets to send updated coordinates to the fleet, so when Galactica jumps, its is all alone. To find the fleet, they have to jump back, fend off attack, and network the computers to calculate where the fleet jumped with old data. They do it, but in the melee, are boarded by a ship of shiny metal warriors that will dominate the next episode.

Meanwhile, on Kobol, Lt. Crashdown turns out to be a pretty bad leader as his crew start getting picked off one by one. Back on Caprica, Starbuck and Helo catch up on old times, while Sharon (soon to be called Athena) steals the raider and strands them.

This was a good start to season 2, and really feels like part 3 of 8 more than it feels like a stand alone episode. So many plots are going on at the same time, but they are all interesting and have time to breathe without having to wrap up at the end of each episode.
If I haven't convinced you by now, you should be eatching this show! This is another strong 4 out of 5 downed Cylon Raiders.

Here is a good video of the aerial combat from the episode, just ignore the Pirate music:

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