13 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - Water (1x02)

Boomer reverted to Cylon mission mode and destroyed the Galactica's water supply, apparently without her own knowledge. This placed the fleet in crisis mode looking for water in barren space. This also began an investigation as to who on Galactica may be a Cylon operative. Chief Tyrol, lover of Boomer, really should have come clean with his knowledge of Boomer's strange activities, but he covered for her thinking she had been "set up." Maybe some day someone will cover for him if it turns out he is a Cylon as well. :)

Adama and Roslin enjoy a brief honeymoon before they start to clash on major issues, and Lee, as military adviser to Roslin and son of Adam gets caught in the middle.

This episode was pretty good. It gave an idea of how the fleet was coping with everyday issues like water and food. Not too much action, but the Boomer plot added a bit of intrigue. 4 out of 5 JPs of water.


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