16 February 2008

A Galactic(a) Endeavor - You Can't Go Home Again (1x05)

The search for Starbuck continues. The Adama boys use ridiculous amounts of fuel searching for Starbuck's crashed ship, and linger far too long in the sector. They stay beyond the capacity of her oxygen supply (she may have had a reserve supply) putting Adama again at odds with President Roslin. But just when hope has faded, a Cylon Raider appears. Apollo tries to shoot it down, but its one evasive SOB.

Turns out Starbuck gutted the crashed Raider (its part mechanical and part biological), and figured out how to control it- bringing Galactica a nice prize.

Finally, Galactica got a break. After four episodes of deaths and losses, finding Starbuck in this desperate situation was very powerful. This episode also set up some crucial points. This Raider will come in handy later, and Starbuck's broken leg will keep her out of the action for a while. Also, on Caprica, Sharon fakes getting captured to test her newfound love with Helo...
Great episode. 5 out of 5 gutted Cylons.

Watch the dogfight from the previous episode, sorry its not in English:

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